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Kitchen Cleaning

With a dedicated team of staff and managers, whose collective experience span well over 30 years in the Industry. MACLEAN SERVICES, is able to carry out Kitchen Cleaning, Kitchen Deep Cleaning in most Hotels, Restaurants and Clubs in and around London.

We also provide uniformed and trained kitchen porters and kitchen cleaners to look after your kitchen and back of house areas 24/7. It’s always for the better, that we keep our kitchen team motivated and encouraged all the time.

We maintain high hygiene standards of cleaning with the proper use of chemicals, materials and machinery.


At Maclean Services we understand that attitude and personality are fundamental for a good housekeeper and room attendant. With our thorough training programme and in-house refresher courses, our employees are taught the correct procedures for their job.

Our team have a keen, meticulous eye and pay attention to the smallest detail ensuring that you are left feeling satisfied. Our housekeepers and room attendants make sure that we leave the rooms spic and span leaving no scope for complaints or faults. They are trained on the basic principles of checking themselves and ticking all the right boxes.

Also, as this job is physically demanding, we have made sure that our staff are in good physical conditions, vetted and fully competent.Carefully selected, trained and placed, we guarantee that our team will go the extra mile to take care of you and the needs of your business.

Floor Polishing & Window Cleaning

When it comes to floors, the first impression is paramount. By the application of different cleaning methods like mopping, scrubbing and buffing mixed with a good knowledge of appropriate chemicals we are able to bring back surfaces to their original pristine state.

Our cleaners are fully trained to handle different types of floors like wooden, marble, tiles (glazed and unglazed), terrazzo and stone ensuring that you have clean and polished surfaces at all times. As marble floors need special care we carry out the process of crystallisation to ensure that they maintain their sparkle.

With the use of professional technique and appropriate window cleaning equipment like squeegees, window cleaning cloths and the right detergents we are able to clean windows in shop front, offices and restaurants with very minimal inconvenience to the customer and the general public at large. Maclean’s window cleaners are fully trained and well aware of the Work at Height Regulatory Act (WAHR) 2005.

Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

In order to maintain a hygienic environment it is of utmost importance that carpets and upholstery remain clean and fresh.

With a balanced mix of manual and mechanical methods we at Maclean have come up with an effective care plan for your carpets and upholstery. Stubborn stains like chewing gum, wine, oily food and cosmetics are removed manually to make sure none of it remains on the carpet. For general cleans we do shampooing and cleaning by extraction.

Our carpet cleaning team are fully trained and we use the best technology and environmentally friendly products to achieve outstanding results leaving your carpets looking and feeling as good as new.

Conference & Banquet Cleaning

As part of our total service to the hospitality industry we also provide conference, banqueting and event porters with all the adequate training on how to set up rooms and do the turn around when necessary.

Our reputation as a conference and events company has given us a great edge in doing business with major event venues in and around Central London.

Our clients’ expectations are high and so we insist on high standards and uncompromised performance in every service that we provide. At Maclean we are loyal, trust worthy and most importantly reliable.